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Hario, what is it?

Since 1921, HARIO (which means “King of Glass” in Japanese) has been a company specialising in the art of the table with its most refined features. HARIO quickly gained a reputation for its world-renowned teapots and coffee pots. For several decades now, the Japanese company has established itself as a leader with its high-end glass teapots.

Le Comptoir Français du Thé and HARIO share the same values of perfection. This is why Le Comptoir is now the exclusive distributor of Hario in France for all tea products.



Tea Fountains

This tea fountain allows you to prepare tea in ideal conditions whether it is classic or iced!

The rounded shape of the top reservoir allows the tea leaves to circulate for optimal brewing. Simply press the button on the central platform lightly to pour the liquor into the lower tank. To make iced tea, place ice cubes in the tank.

This device allows you to create a universe around beautiful tastings and to arouse the interest of your customers!

Prestige Tea Bottles

Inspired by the shape of a wine bottle, this “prestige” tea bottle allows you to enjoy brewed tea over a meal.

The filter is located in the upper part of the bottle and allows you to pour the liquor directly. This elegant accessory also allows you to present iced tea or any other preparation with fruit pieces (cocktail).

Let your imagination run wild! There is something for every taste and colour!

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