Discover the French-style cup : committed, inventive by nature, it gives pleasure to be tasted.

First of all, the « Tasse à la française » (French way to serve a tea) is committed to all of you, our dear customers, as well as our partners and all the sector.

The « Tasse à la française » is also an inventive cup, made in France. While we look for our tea leaves in the most beautiful plantations, we create our blends here in France, near Strasbourg that flavours your favourite drink. Last but not least, the « Tasse à la Française » is a cup of pleasure and sharing.

For over 40 years, Comptoir Français du Thé has been producing, processing and blending the best teas with passion, in the service of retailers. Tea specialists, roasters, grocers, wine merchants, restaurant owners : they all trust us to set up an adapted system to their projects.

This is why we chose not to open our own physical shops. We prefer to get involved in the business of our retail partners. As part of our quest for excellence, our production site is IFS Higher Level certified (the highest level of this food certification).


A cup committed from the plant to the taste buds

Seeking out the finest sustainable origins and favouring natural flavours is for us the essential starting point of the Tasse à la Française approach. But we had to go further. We did so. By reducing our consumption of water, energy and superfluous packaging. By systematizing eco-design. And by consolidating our sustainable partnerships with our suppliers. And finally, by assembling and producing these delicious teas in France, where we pay particular attention to the work life quality of our employees.

This commitment is also directed towards you, who love the teas offered by Comptoir Français du Thé. We work with committed people who are ready to take the French tea culture to its next level : from internationally renowned chefs to talented students and researchers from the academic world.

The Comptoir Français du Thé team is proud to be alongside all these people and associations who militate through their projects for education in taste, and good hydration.


The « Tasse à la Française » is inventive by nature

In France, we have ideas and imagination, which are our two magic ingredients. Add a little imagination to leaves and water and you’ll get a good hot tea. Or cold. Your choice. Green, white, black, our tea will make you see and taste all kinds of colours. And even beyond. South African rooibos or South American mate are part of our large tea range. To travel even further. To let your imagination run wild as you smell the wisps of tea from your French cup. To travel to « infinitea », because France is naturally open to the world. And as you know, everyone has its own tastes.

We are proud to share these original and inspiring taste combinations. They are the heart and soul of the Tasse à la Française.

The « Tasse à la Française »  is all about pleasure

Since we have to drink, we might as well combine business with pleasure. These few tea leaves are not there just to give a little taste. Drinking tea is a ritual. Heat the water (simmering but not boiling), let it steep. Then enjoy. Having a tea while reading a book. Watching an intense film. Sharing some quality time with good friends. Each good moment in life is conductive to enjoying a tea. The « Tasse à la française » means this intimate or convivial experience.

As we’re used to say at Comptoir Français du Thé, the best te is the one we share with people you love.