A tasty partnership between Nina Métayer and Comptoir Français du Thé

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A collaboration based gustatory excellence

Comptoir Français du Thé has collaborated with the famous chef Nina MÉTAYER to offer tasty tea and infusion recipes.
These 4 drinks (3 teas and 1 herbal tea) are the perfect combination of fine pastry and fine teas, and boldly revisit the Tea Time experience. This collaborative project is above all a wonderful human adventure between a brilliant pastry chef and an inventive tea house.
A convergence of expertise, values and a beautiful complicity that is dedicated to inventing a “Tea and Pastry” moment that aims at gustatory excellence.


Recipes concocted in our atelier strasbourg workshop

Because the Tasse à la Française is also imagined and produced in France, these elegant creations are made in the Strasbourg workshop of Comptoir Français du Thé. Note after note, these two professions have joined forces to create a collection of shared recipes for sweet, timeless moments.

Taste the delicacy…

Named “Délicatesse”, these 4 creations have been created using original ingredients such as essential oils of Syracuse lemon or Yirgacheffe coffee from Ethiopia. The first recipe, called “Délicatesse Provençale”, is based on apricot and thyme IGP from Provence, and is intended to be enjoyed hot or cold.

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