flavoured black tea

Thé aux Epices Thé aux Epices

Thé aux Epices 901015

Black tea Spicy

Will you wake up your spicy side with the tea?

Black tea, orange peels, cinnamon pieces, flavours.

Thé à la Cannelle Thé à la Cannelle

Thé à la Cannelle 901065

Black tea Eternal

Combining the brightness spicy cinnamon taste and the full aroma of black tea. Cinnamon as prestigious as of times of the greatest kings exalts this tea.

Black tea, cinnamon pieces, flavour.

Goût Russe Guruchka Goût Russe Guruchka

Goût Russe Guruchka 901036

Black tea `Goût Russe`

A Russian style widely enjoyed, a blend of bergamot and citrus, a rich full-bodied cup.Add a splash of milk and sugar to bring out the citrus overtones of this blend.

Black tea, orange peels, flavours

Grand Earl GreyGrand Earl Grey

Grand Earl Grey 901096

Black tea Earl Grey

Bergamot flavored black tea. The fruity round notes of the Ceylan OP tea blends beatifully with the vividness of the bergamot flavour.

Black tea, natural flavor

Guillaume Tell Guillaume Tell

Guillaume Tell 901291

Black tea Fruity

A combination of black tea and green apple. A refreshing drink as well hot as cold.

Black teas, apple cubes, flavour.

Thé de l'HiverThé de l'Hiver

Thé de l'Hiver 901043

Black tea Gourmand

A `cocooning` mix where the smooth chocolate and vanilla notes mingle with sweet of caramel and the perk of coffee to warm the body and the soul. Enjoy with friends and family this winter season.

Black tea, flavours, cocoa pieces, brittle pieces.

Noël Boréal Noël Boréal

Noël Boréal 901038

Black tea Spicy

The bitter orange mixes with theardor of spices into sweet peppery flavor matching Christmas cakes. Flavored black tea with dominant notes of orange and spices, flaked almonds, cinnamon, star anise, appel cubes and ginger.

Black tea,sugar snowflakes, cinnamon pieces, flavours, apple pieces, ginger pieces.


Pompon 901281

Black tea Fruity

An anthology of flavours, a fruity and sweety bouquet, where mango and pineapple subtly take you to the first prize, that is to say, the cantaloupe, with a sweet delicate flavour that captivates your palate.

Black tea, pineapple cubes, flavours.

Thé Saveur Mangue Thé Saveur Mangue

Thé Saveur Mangue 901076

Black tea Eternal

Tea with sweet notes of fresh mango, pineapple and purple petals. Sweet taste with a hint of honey enhancing the natural flavors of this exotic fruit. Served with ice for a real summer treat.

Black tea, marigold petals, flavour

Thé Saveur Maracuja Fruit PassionThé Saveur Maracuja Fruit Passion

Thé Saveur Maracuja Fruit Passion 901077

Black tea Eternal

This sensual blend of passion flowers and tropical fruits, associated with this exceptional black tea, reveals a drink with an irresistible fragrance.

Black tea, flavour, marigold petals.

Souvenirs de MadeleineSouvenirs de Madeleine

Souvenirs de Madeleine 901339

Black tea Gourmand

The smell of the sponge finger cakes just out of the oven is combined with the memories of our childhood 5 o'clock teas with Madeleine cakes. Ceylan black tea perfumed with the famous Madeleine.

Black tea, apple cubes, flavours

Vanille Chantilly Vanille Chantilly

Vanille Chantilly 901054

Black tea Gourmand

Black tea perfumed with dominant notes of vanilla and whipped cream, pieces of vanilla.

Black tea (Sri Lanka), vanilla pieces, flavours

Thé du Voyageur Thé du Voyageur

Thé du Voyageur 901051

Black tea Spicy

A blend combining the classic timeless bergamot to the unusual flavor of spices.

Black tea, ginger pieces, cardamom, cinnamon sticks, lemon peels, flavours.

flavoured blend

Cherry Chérie Cherry Chérie

Cherry Chérie 901269

Teas blend Fruity

Light and delicate with a slight taste of crunchy cherry.

Semi-fermented tea, green tea, flavours, raspberry and cranberry pieces, cornflower petals.

Thé des Amoureux Thé des Amoureux

Thé des Amoureux 901009

Teas blend Fruity

A tea to subtly express feelings, when can not speak out loud. Both sweet and beguiling, fresh and spicy on the finis, this is a passion fruit based tea, full of character.

Black tea, green tea, flavours, orange peels, cornflower petals, rose petals, marigold petals, sallflower petals

Dimanche GourmandDimanche Gourmand

Dimanche Gourmand 901012

Teas blend Gourmand

A nuanced and warm cup of dried fruit mix. This harmony of black and green teas, rich and chocolaty, will aid in digestion after dinner or for dessert.

Black tea, green tea, flavours, carrot slices, black chocolate chips, almond pieces, cinnamon.

Figue du SoleilFigue du Soleil

Figue du Soleil 901252

Teas blend Fruity

All the festivity of the South-East of France in this joyful blend with figs flavours !

Black tea, green tea, white tea, rosehip, flavours.


Ispahan 901007

Teas blend Floral

Floral composition with flavors of rose, jamsine and violet for this tea is mixed with a subtle bouquet. Ideal for lovers of flowering teas.

Black tea, green tea, mallow petals, rose petals, jasmin flowers, orange flowers, flavours.

Kama Sutra Kama Sutra

Kama Sutra 901010

Teas blend Spicy

An unusual and mischievous green tea based blend, combining the thousand-year-old virtues of tea, herbs and spices. Flavored blend tea with dominant notes of ginger and spices, cinnamon, ginger, clove, orange peels, cardamom, anise, fennel, lemon peels, marigold and rose petals, orange blossoms.

Black tea, green tea, cinnamon, ginger, clove, orange peels, flavours, cardamon, anise, fenel, lemon peels, marigold petals, rose petals, orange blossoms

flavoured green tea


Connivence 901110

Green tea Fruity

This Sencha sprinkled with redcurrants gives off the scent of berries with a hint of vanilla.

Green tea with dominant notes of redcurrant and vanilla, entire redcurrants.

Thé des OasisThé des Oasis

Thé des Oasis 901103

Green tea Eternal

Symbol of hospitality and friendliness, this blend of Gunpowder green tea and Moroccan mint Nanah, is drunk very hotand very sweet. The tradition says that it is `Bitter as Death, Sweet as Life and Soft as Love`.

Green tea, nanah mint leaves, flavours

Hana Matsuri Hana Matsuri

Hana Matsuri 901106

Green tea Floral

A gustative and visual poetry! Plump jewels of red berries, delicate roses and ambrosial green tea are the honored guests in this flavorful tea party. Each sip is a delightful soiree for your tastebuds.

Green tea, flavours, cranberries.

Japan Lime Japan Lime

Japan Lime 901108

Green tea Fruity

Bright golden yellow cup with well-balanced delicate and fruity flavours, where lemon notes surround the green tea vegetal notes. A good hot as iced.

Green tea, lemon peels, flavours, marigold petals

Thé au Jasmin avec Fleurs Thé au Jasmin avec Fleurs

Thé au Jasmin avec Fleurs 901102

Green tea Floral

A major classic of Chinese green teas. It has an intoxicating aroma and a balanced and delicate flavor. This romantic tea may be enjoyed any time of the day but is especially pleasant in the evening. Green tea with a floral note of jasmin, jasmin flowers.

Green tea, jasmine flowers.


Kimono 901055

Green tea Fruity

Continued success for this pictorial tea with flavours of peach and apricot? It is the discovery of an explosion of flavours and aromas. Fruity green tea with dominant scents of peach and apricot, cornflower, rose and marigold petals.

Green tea, flavours, cornflower petals, rose petals, marogold petals

Noël en Vert Noël en Vert

Noël en Vert 901341

Green tea Gourmand

A fabulous Christmas green tea on background of spices and twinkling stars or meteors. Green tea with dominant notes of lemon and toffee, lemon peels.

Green tea, stars spinkles, safflower petals, flavours

Thé Saveur Rose LitchiThé Saveur Rose Litchi

Thé Saveur Rose Litchi 901280

Green tea Floral

A flowery and spellbling blend that will captivate the most romantics of you.

Green tea, flavours, rose petals.


Shisendo 901056

Green tea Fruity

This tea originally from Japan is enhanced by orange peel and gives him a wonderfully sweet twist !

Green tea, orange peels, flavour, safflower petals.

flavoured oolong

Oolong Caramel Beurre Salé Oolong Caramel Beurre Salé

Oolong Caramel Beurre Salé 901250

Oolong tea Gourmand

The salted butter toffee sticks to the image of the French Brittany and conquered the world. Now the oolong with salted butter toffee will also strengthen the image of Comptoir Français du Thé a faultless world tour.

Semi-fermented tea, caramel cubes, white sugar butterflies, flavours

Oolong à la Châtaigne Oolong à la Châtaigne

Oolong à la Châtaigne 901282

Oolong tea Gourmand

On a basis of oolong tea, this tea with hints of chestnut reminds us of the smells of the South of France. Do you hear the crickets ?

Semi-fermented tea, chestnut pieces, flavours.

Oolong Fleurs d'Oranger Oolong Fleurs d'Oranger

Oolong Fleurs d'Oranger 901333

Oolong tea Fruity

This oolong tea, delicately flavored with orange blossom, will accompany sweet dishes for a true gourmet break. Its low caffeine content makes it also ideal for the evening.

Semi-fermented tea, flavours, safflower petals

flavoured rooibos

African Noël African Noël

African Noël 901101

Rooibos Spicy

A Christmas rooibush with a background of red pepper, orange peel and ginger pieces. It is a wonderful satisfying ensemble bursting with health benefits you’ll enjoy.

Rooibush, flavours, orange peels, cinnamon sticks, almond fragments, ginger cubes.

African SweetyAfrican Sweety

African Sweety 901330

Rooibos Gourmand

This flavored rooibush with strawberry and whipped cream is a treat for all hours of the day, for adults and children. As good warm as iced.

Rooibush, flavours, strawberry pieces

infusion and herbal tea

Ti Zan Zen Minceur Ti Zan Zen Minceur

Ti Zan Zen Minceur 940015

Fruit and plant herbal tea Fruit and plant herbal tea

Yunnan black tea, green tea, lemon peel and pineapple, all very diuretics enhance the draining action of the lemongrass.

Green tea, black tea, pineapple cubes, lemongrass, carrot slices, cornflower petals, orange and lemon peels, marigold petals, licorice peels.

La Gourmande La Gourmande

La Gourmande 940013

Fruit herbal tea Fruit herbal tea

It's a real beauty, full of charm and fantasy for a pure indulgence. Our advice: Enjoy this brew a bit cool for an optimal play of the flavors.

Apple cubes, banana slices, hibiscus leaves, caramel cubes, flaked almonds, flavours,cranberry, rhubarb pieces.

Nectar Royal Nectar Royal

Nectar Royal 940004

Fruit herbal tea Fruit herbal tea

An exotic cocktail of peacht bits, that brews in a mouthwatering cup of herbal tea.

Hibiscus, apple cubes, raisins, elderberry, flavour, orange peels, rosehip, rose petals, peach cubes, pineapple cubes, sunflower petals, blackcurrant, huckelberry, cornflower petals, raspberry and strawberry pieces, blueberry.

Pêche Melba Pêche Melba

Pêche Melba 940006

Fruit herbal tea Fruit herbal tea

A delightfully harmonious blend of juicy peach pieces, vanilla, orange peel, apple, sunflower petals and rosehips create a most peaceful blend.

Apple cubes, hibiscus, orange peels, rosehips, flavours, peach pieces, sunflower petals, vanilla pieces.

Zen Detox Zen Detox

Zen Detox 940023

Plant infusion Fruity

Used to purify and detoxify the organism, a blend of maté(tonic herb from Amazonia) and green tea, associated with a hint of lemongrass and citrus, for a zest of freshness.

Maté, green tea Sencha, lemongrass, flavours

unflavoured black tea

Darjeeling FOP AnapurnaDarjeeling FOP Anapurna

Darjeeling FOP Anapurna 901156

Black tea India

Blend of teas harvested in different gardens during the 3rd season of picking, this Indian tea has a red amber liquor, a straight note and light aromas of green muscat.

Black teas

Assam GFOP SupérieurAssam GFOP Supérieur

Assam GFOP Supérieur 901158

Black tea Assam

This beautiful Indian tea with long leaves sprinkled with golden tips, offers a strong cup, very aromatic with honey notes. Can be enjoyed with milk.

Black tea.

Ceylan OPCeylan OP

Ceylan OP 901151

Black tea Ceylan

Classical Ceylon black tea with regular leaves and a fragnt flavor. Ideal for breakfast or `tea tim`. It can be accomodated with a cloud of milk or a slice of orange.

Black tea

Impérial SupérieurImpérial Supérieur

Impérial Supérieur 901162

Black tea Fujian

From the Fujian Province, this tea is gently smoked sprinkled with jasmine flowers.

Black tea, jasmine flowers.

Lapsang SouchongLapsang Souchong

Lapsang Souchong 901163

Black tea China

Immediately mouth-filling, it became a specialty from China and makes a good accompanishment of savory dishes without bitterness.

Smoked black tea

Pu ErhPu Erh

Pu Erh 901191

Black tea Yunnan

This Chinese tea is the result of prolonged fermentation and is known for its medicinal qualities and its action on cholesterol and digestion. It has a very pronounced taste.

Black tea.

Yunnan GFOPYunnan GFOP

Yunnan GFOP 901164

Black tea Yunnan

Produced in the south of China, this tea has a strong character and is easy to drink. With a full round body in the mouth, can be drunk with a drop of milk.

Black tea.

unflavoured blend

Boston 1773Boston 1773

Boston 1773 901148

Black teas blend Blend

A rich full-bodied blend, full of character with a well-balanced aromatic bouquet. Combination of the best qualities of Assam, Kenya and Yunnan.

Black teas (Assam, Kenya & Yunnan).

Mélange Irlandais BOPMélange Irlandais BOP

Mélange Irlandais BOP 901145

Teas blend Blend

Blend of small-leaved teas from Ceylon, Assam, Sumatra, all selected for their strength and power. Can be drunk with a drop of milk.

Black teas.

unflavoured green tea


Gunpowder 901199

Green tea Zhejiang

A strong Chinese tea famous for its leaves rolled into little balls. Renowned for its freshness and its refreshing qualities.

Green tea.

Thé Vert de Corée `Le Jardin Oublié`Thé Vert de Corée `Le Jardin Oublié`

Thé Vert de Corée `Le Jardin Oublié` 901212

Green tea Yangyang

This small family-owned tea garden produces a tea with gently rolled leaves, revealing a cup of bright lively liquor, without acidity or pungency, exhibiting round green notes slightly creamy.

Green tea.